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Right at the beginning of my Rust Europa Park Information page I want to come adventure to Silver Star Europa Park.
Adventure? It does to me. Bin namely not Geard of roller coasters freak. So the Silver Star Europa Park is probably at the upper limit of my mental limit.

In Wikipedia I could read that the park operator probably a drive in principle "family-friendly" strategy, ie, comparable cars in other parks probably much more extreme. In Rust is apparently meant the whole family can easily drive it.
Where just said problems is personal bit far-fetched for me. The Silver Star Europa Park is pure of thrill - especially the already high long ride for me with really only mediocre acrophobia already the greatest overcome it. The almost senkrekte "fall" down is then jas almost be considered as redemption ...

The Silver Star Europa Park is the only train in the park in the co-moving must be at least 1:40 meters tall. In the "Blue Fire" sinds still meters and 1:30 in the "Euro TV" sinds then think 'I still 1.20 meters minimum height people. Thus, the Silver Star Europa Park is thus the most extreme, travels through the amusement park.

The Blue Fire is then rather what have for people who love high speeds with not such a high altitude. So for me, with a slight fear of heights, the Blue Fire was not a problem as opposed to Silver Star Europa Park. Mega fast, cool looping and the screwdriver is also super great.

So for park visitors with a fear of heights or slight anxiety before starting heights I can see the Silver Star Europa Park not necessarily recommend, but the Blue Fire more so!

What my readers to?

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5.0 stars
Stevie without the Wor
May 19, 2011
"Close your eyes and up!"

"Are you allowed just do not look down at the long-long-long boot-up. The Silver Star is the best part of the Europa Park! As hotel residents in the park you can even 30 minutes earlier pure (but usually only about four Bahen) "


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