Weather in Rust Europa Park

Would like to briefly write about the weather Rust Europa Park. Most make a reservation two days in advance yes Europa Park and therefore has relatively little influence on weather in the Rust Europa Park.

We were lucky, was in the mail in 2001, it was cloudy and in between also once again Sunny. Fortunately, just no rain. The fact that still prevailed Bise was trying to grab every Sonnenstraht. With fatal consequences such as the native image showed in the evening. Sunburn all over my head! Hard to believe! So in the spring not forget the sunscreen!

We really thought the weather in the Rust Europa Park is negligible since one usually in some houses (See, train, queue, cafe, restaurant, 4D cinema, etc.) is. Far from it. Much takes place outside and the walking distances are not to be underestimated.

So always look on the internet the weather Rust Europa Park and observe the preview. Here have a little free Einfügsel which provides detailed weather for Rust Europa Park information.

Weather Rust Europa Park (see above Basel)


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Weather Rust Europa Park

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Not the tile man
May 20, 2011
"Mega Weather"

"Super Mega Weather wars. But really does not matter ... "


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